Integration With Unit Testing Frameworks - Overview

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 27, 2024

Unit testing is testing of procedures or methods that a source module makes available to the rest of an application. A “unit” can be anything from a single procedure to an entire library. The essential point of unit testing is that you test only a small part of the application.

In TestComplete, you can create unit tests by accessing and calling internal methods of applications. You can also run unit tests created by using third-party unit testing frameworks and tools.

This section describes how to run unit tests created by third-party unit frameworks from TestComplete.

To learn about creating unit tests in TestComplete, see TestComplete Unit Tests.

Running Third-Party Unit Tests

In TestComplete, you can call unit tests created by using various unit testing tools. Use Selenium or Unit Testing collections in your test project to manage unit tests created by using the following tools and unit testing frameworks:

You integrate unit tests to your test project, configure them and run them as part of your automated testing process. To learn how to integrate unit tests of a particular type to your test project, see appropriate sections.

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