LogAction Element

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

The LogAction element is used in the description.xml file. The element corresponds to a custom command working with a test log. When installing script extensions, TestComplete adds these actions to the toolbar of the Test Log panel.

Parent Elements

A LogAction element must be a child of the Script element.

Child Elements

A LogAction element does not have child elements.


The element has the following attributes:


Required. Specifies the action name. This name is used as the title of the item that will be added to the toolbar of the TestComplete Test Log panel.


Optional. Specifies the name of the BMP or PNG file that contains the icon of the action. The file must be in the same package, in which the description file is located, so you should specify only the file name and extension (without path). The size must be 16×16; 24-bit or lower color depth. The color of the leftmost-bottom pixel is treated as transparent.

If the Icon attribute is not specified, the toolbar item corresponding to the action will only display the action name.


Required. Specifies the scripting routine that will be executed when the user selects the action from the test log’s toolbar.

The specified routine must exist in the script file that is specified by the Name attribute of the parent Script element.

The routine must have one parameter (the parameter name is not relevant). When TestComplete calls the action, it exports the currently open test log to a temporary MHT file and passes the file name to the script extension’s routine via that parameter.

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