Generating Conditional Statements

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

Custom actions created with script extensions can generate code that implement conditional logic, that is, contains if…then or if…then…else statements. To generate a conditional statement, follow these steps:

After you have configured the IfSyntax object, you can pass it to the Syntax.GenerateSource method to get the actual script code of the conditional statement.

The example below demonstrates how you can generate conditional statements. It generates the code that posts an error message to the test log if the Success variable value is False:


function ShowIfThenStatement()
    var oVarName = Syntax.CreateInvoke();
    oVarName.InvokeName = "Success";
    oVarName.IsProperty = true;

    var oCondition = Syntax.CreateCondition();
    oCondition.OperatorType = oCondition.otNot;
    oCondition.Right = oVarName;

    var oMethodCall = Syntax.CreateInvoke();
    oMethodCall.ClassValue = "Log";
    oMethodCall.InvokeName = "Error";
    oMethodCall.IsProperty = false;
    oMethodCall.AddParameter("Checkpoint failed.");

    var oIf = Syntax.CreateIf();
    oIf.Condition = oCondition;
    oIf.TrueSyntax = oMethodCall;

    var strCode = Syntax.GenerateSource(oIf);


Sub ShowIfThenStatement
    Dim oVarName, oCondition, oMethodCall, oIf, strCode

    Set oVarName = Syntax.CreateInvoke
    oVarName.InvokeName = "Success"
    oVarName.IsProperty = True

    Set oCondition = Syntax.CreateCondition
    oCondition.OperatorType = oCondition.otNot
    oCondition.Right = oVarName

    Set oMethodCall = Syntax.CreateInvoke
    oMethodCall.ClassValue = "Log"
    oMethodCall.InvokeName = "Error"
    oMethodCall.IsProperty = False
    oMethodCall.AddParameter "Checkpoint failed."

    Set oIf = Syntax.CreateIf
    oIf.Condition = oCondition
    oIf.TrueSyntax = oMethodCall

    strCode = Syntax.GenerateSource(oIf)
    aqDlg.ShowMessage strCode
End Sub

The generated code is as follows:

JavaScript, JScript

  Log.Error("Checkpoint failed.");


if not Success:
  Log.Error("Checkpoint failed.")


If (Not Success) Then
  Call Log.Error("Checkpoint failed.")
End If


if not Success then
  Log.Error('Checkpoint failed.');

C++Script, C#Script

  Log["Error"]("Checkpoint failed.");

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