1. Plan the Test

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

The sample Orders application maintains a list of orders. Suppose, we need to test whether the Edit Order application form functions correctly and modifies data in the order list. In this case, we should define the following:

  • Test purpose: The test should check whether the Edit Order form saves the modified data, and the changes are visible in the order list.

  • Testing steps: Our test should simulate modifying order details, and then verify the data in the order list. We will record a test simulating user actions over the application. For simplicity, our test will “change” only one property of one order.

  • Checking and logging the test result: If the change made to the order has been saved correctly, it should be visible in the order list. To check this, our test will compare the data in the list with an expected value. We will add a special comparison command to the test for this. This command will post the comparison results to the test log, so we will see whether the verification failed or passed successfully.

For more information on planning tests with TestComplete, see Planning Tests.

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