Select Database Table Page (DB Table Variable Wizards)

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

On the Select Database Table page, you can select the name of the table that belongs to the database specified on the previous page. The current record of this table will be stored to the DB table variable that you are adding to the test.

The Select Database Table page is part of the wizards that assist you in adding DB Table variables to your test. These wizards are: Add Variable to Keyword Test and Add Variable.

To select the table, click the needed name in the list. To preview the data of the selected worksheet, press the View Table button to the right of the list.

After the desired table is selected, press Finish to store the data to the DB table variable. Back will return you to the previous page of the wizard. Cancel will close the wizard and abort adding the variable.

After adding the new DB table variable, you can use its value in other keyword test operations. For example, you can create data loops storing the current value of a database or a file to the DB table variable and using these values in cycles. To learn more about creating data loops in keyword tests, see the reference of the Data-Driven Loop operation.

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