Add Tested Application Wizard - Add Web Page Using Virtual Browser Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.49, last modified on March 17, 2023

The Add Tested Application wizard assists you in adding applications to the Tested Applications collection of your project. On this page of the wizard, you add the web page that you open in one of the supported mobile browser emulators to the list of tested applications.

This topic describes an obsolete functionality. To launch a mobile browser emulator and open the desired web page in it, use the Run Virtual Browser keyword test operation or the VirtualBrowsers.Item(browser_name).Run scripting method.
  • In the Page URL text box, specify the web page to be opened in a mobile browser emulator. Specify the protocol (http:// or https://) at the beginning of the URL. To open a blank page, specify about:blank.

  • In the Virtual browser drop-down list, choose the mobile browser to emulate. The list contains all the browser emulators defined for the current project. To learn how to define a custom browser profile, see Creating Mobile Browser Profiles.

  • In the Command-line arguments text box, you can specify command-line parameters you want to pass to the mobile browser emulator. For more information, see Specifying Additional Parameters for Mobile Browser Emulator.

Click Finish to close the dialog and add the specified application to the Tested Applications collection. Click Cancel to close the dialog without adding the application.

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