Add Tested Application Wizard - Add Adobe AIR Tested Application Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.55, last modified on September 12, 2023

The Add Tested Application wizard assists you in adding applications to the Tested Applications collection of your project. On this page of the wizard, you add out-of-browser Adobe AIR to the list of tested applications.

  • AIR applications can be stored on the disk in two forms:

    • AIR executable file (.exe) These are release versions of AIR applications that have been preliminarily installed from the installation packages (.air files).

      If you want to test an executable AIR application, choose the Specify AIR application executable option.

      In the underlying text box, specify the path to the needed application. You can enter the path manually, or click the button and browse for the executable in the Open dialog.

    • AIR application descriptor file (.xml) and other helper files. Typically, these are debug versions of AIR applications that have not been packaged into AIR installation files and prepared for deployment. To run these applications, you need the AIR Debug Launcher utility that is part of the Adobe AIR SDK.

      If you want to test an unpackaged AIR application, choose the Run application under AIR debugger option.

      In the AIR Debug Launcher text box, specify the path to the AIR Debug Launcher utility.

      In the Application Descriptor file text box, specify the path to the application’s descriptor file (*.xml).

      You can enter these paths manually or you can click the button and browse for the desired files in the Open dialog.

  • In the Command-line parameters box, you can specify parameters that, depending on the application type, will be passed to the AIR application executable, or to the AIR Debug Launcher.

  • In the Working folder box, you can specify the working folder for the application run. You can either type the needed folder name or click the button and choose the needed folder in the ensuing Browse for Folder dialog.

You can control the format that is used to specify the paths to the AIR debug launcher, descriptor file, executable or working folder. The target path can be specified as an absolute path, a relative path or by using environment variables (if the path includes any standard system path for which environment variables are set). Click the drop-down button in the desired text box and choose the needed representation from the drop-down list.

Click Finish to close the dialog and add the specified application to the Tested Applications collection. Click Cancel to close the dialog without adding the application.

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