Issue With Multipart Hypertext Files Sent via E-mail

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

With TestComplete you can export test results to a Multipart Hypertext file (.mht), attach this file to an e-mail message and send this message. MHT files can not be secured. The operating system typically opens them in the Restricted sites mode, so if you receive a message with an .mht file attached, you may be unable to view the file correctly (most likely you will see an empty window).

To work around the problem:

  1. Save the attached .mht to hard disk.

  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the saved file in it.

  3. Try viewing the file with Internet Explorer. If you can view the file, you are done. Else, right-click the file in the Windows Explorer and select Properties from the context menu. This will call the File Properties dialog.

  4. On the General page of the dialog click Unblock. Press OK to close the dialog.

Now the .mht file can be viewed.

Note: As an alternative to using .mht files, you can share your test results by uploading them to our online storage. Shared test results can be viewed in any modern web browser without any restrictions. See Sharing Test Results.

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