Test Description Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024
The manual testing functionality is deprecated. Do not use it for creating new tests. It will be removed in a future TestComplete release.

The Test Description dialog holds a description of the started manual test. This dialog is called immediately after the manual test is started.

Test Description Dialog

This dialog holds a brief description and the full information for the manual test. Also, this dialog allows you to confirm or to cancel the manual test execution. Click the Begin Test button to start the test. If you want to cancel the test execution, click the Cancel button or close the dialog.

The text displayed in the dialog may hold links to Intranet or Internet pages. Using the and buttons at the top, you can navigate through the displayed pages. will return you back to the test description. will skip the test description and navigate to the first test step.

To post a comment to the log
  • Press the toolbar button. This will display the Post Comments dialog where you can specify the comment text and optionally accompany it with a screenshot.
To take a screenshot
  • Click the button. The picture of the entire screen will automatically be posted to the TestComplete log.

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