Format Specifiers

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

By default, the Result box of the Evaluate dialog uses a format that matches the data type of the evaluate expression. Integer values, for example, are displayed in decimal form. To change the displaying format, add a comma (,) followed by a format specifier after the expression in the Expression edit box of the Evaluate dialog.

Suppose, you have a script variable named i and you want to evaluate its value and display the result in the hexadecimal format. In this case:

  • Type i,h in the Expression edit box.
  • Press Enter.

Script variables are specified by their names. If i is a variable defined in a keyword test, you should type KeywordTests.KeywordTest_Name.Variables.i.

The format specifiers are --

Specifier Types affected Description
,h Integers Hexadecimal. Displays integer values in the hexadecimal form (with the 0x prefix in JavaScript, JScript, Python, C#Script and C++Script, &H in VBScript, and $ in DelphiScript).
,fn Floating point Floating point. Displays n significant digits where n can be from 2 to 18. For instance, to display the first four digits of a floating-point value, type ,f4. If n is not specified, the default is 11.

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