Record Test Wizard - Select Project Name, Location and Test Type Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

TestComplete displays the Record Test wizard when you start recording and no test project is open in TestComplete. On the first page of the wizard, you specify the name and location of the new TestComplete project, as well as the type of the test to be recorded:

The first page of the Record Test wizard


  • Project name — Specifies the name of the project file. TestComplete will automatically add the .mds extension to this name when generating the project.

  • Location — The fully-qualified name of the folder that will contain the project files.

  • Test type — The type of the test to be recorded:

    • Keyword — A keyword-driven test (or just a keyword test) is a sequence of operations (keywords) to be simulated, like mouse clicks, text input, and so on:

      A sample keyword test in TestComplete

      This test type is recommend for novice users, because in TestComplete, you create and edit these tests visually by using dialogs and wizards, no scripting background is required.

    • JavaScript or Python — A script test written in JavaScript or Python. A script test is a procedure or function written in a scripting language. This test consists of script statements that simulate user actions:

      A sample script test in TestComplete

After you specify the project name, folder and test type, click Next to proceed. To close the wizard and cancel the project creation and test recording, click Cancel.

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