Working With the Web Comparison Element Editor

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

This topic provides information on tasks that can be accomplished in the Web Comparison Element editor:

Changing the Data Source

To load the contents of another page to the element:

  • Open this page in your Web browser.

  • Drag the icon to the desired web page.

  • When you start dragging, the TestComplete main window is minimized automatically.

    While dragging, a red frame around a window or control indicates that this window (control) is currently under the mouse pointer. When dragging over the web page, the red frame indicates the web page element that is currently under the mouse pointer.

  • Release the mouse button when the red frame highlights any element of the desired web page.

Updating the Stored Content

To update the contents of the currently selected web page, click Update.

TestComplete will update the element with the HTML source of the page specified in the Source page edit box.

If the selected page is not found, TestComplete displays an error message.

Saving Changes

To save the changes you made in the editor, select File > Save from the TestComplete main menu.

To close the editor without saving the changes, close the editor’s tab and answer “No” when TestComplete asks you to save the changes.

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