Add Object Wizard - Load Data From Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

On this page of the Add Object wizard, you can specify one or more file(s) that hold object data to be imported to the Stores | Objects collection of your project.

Enter the fully-qualified name of the .tcObject file to add to the project into the File name field. These files hold data of some or all properties and fields of an object as well as its child objects and must be previously created with TestComplete (see Adding Property Collections to Stores). You can click the ellipsis button and browse for the target file(s). If you select multiple files, the File name field becomes multi-line so that you can enter several file names one per line.

The Copy the selected file(s) to the Stores folder of the project option lets you specify whether TestComplete should copy the specified file(s) to the Stores subfolder of the project folder, or add a reference to the original file(s) instead.

Tip: Choose to copy the file to your project in the following cases:
  • The test project is stored under a source control.

  • Changes made to the original object data file must not affect the stored object data used in the test, and vice versa.

Choose to add a reference to the original file in the following cases:

  • The object data file must be kept in a specific location outside of the project folder, for example, in a shared network folder.

Click Finish to exit the wizard and add the specified file(s) to your project.

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