Object Checkpoints

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022
Object checkpoints are deprecated. We do not recommend using them. Use property checkpoints instead.

Object checkpoints allow you to verify one or more properties of an object in your tested application. They are similar to property checkpoints, but can check multiple object properties at a time.

In This Section

About Object Checkpoints

Provides an overview of object checkpoints.

Creating Object Checkpoints

Provides a step-by-step instruction on using the Object Checkpoint wizard for inserting object checkpoints into tests.

Parameterizing Object Checkpoints

Explains how to replace hard-coded parameters of object checkpoints with variable values.

Alternatives to Object Checkpoints

Describes alternative approaches you can take to verify objects in tested applications.

Updating Object Checkpoints

Explains how you can update baseline data used by checkpoints for verification at runtime and from the test log.

Related Topics of Interest

About Property Checkpoints

Explains how to create checkpoints that verify a single property value.

About Objects Collection

Describes the Objects collection that stores sets of properties and values used by object checkpoints for verification.

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