Object Checkpoint Wizard - Select Properties to Store Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024
Object checkpoints are deprecated. We do not recommend using them. Use property checkpoints instead.

On the last page of the Object Checkpoint wizard, you can specify the properties you want to verify.

The page's contents depend on the option selected on the previous page:

  • If you selected the Store the selected object data option, the page is similar to the Store Object Properties dialog. The object properties selected to be used in the checkpoint are displayed in the Selected list. The other object properties are displayed in the Available list. For information on how to select properties to verify, see the description of the Store Object Properties dialog.

  • If you selected the Store data of the selected object and its children option, the page displays the type and name of the selected object and of all of its child objects. To include the desired object in verification, enable the check box next to the object. To select the object properties to be included in the baseline data, press the Properties button and use the ensuing Store Object Properties dialog.

To change the properties to be verified, click Back. Сlick Finish to exit the wizard and add the object checkpoint to your test or apply the changes to the checkpoint.

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