Applies to TestComplete 14.70, last modified on October 20, 2020

The Network Suite wizard assists you in creating distributed tests. It allows creating a collection of tasks that will execute the specified test on selected hosts.

The wizard is called when you do one of the following:

  • Right-click the NetworkSuite project item and select Create Distributed Test from the context menu.
  • Select Test | Create Distributed Test from the TestComplete main menu.

The wizard contains the following pages:

Network Suite Wizard - Specify a Test to Be Run on the Remote Computers

On this page you select a test you want to run on remote computers.

Network Suite Wizard - Select Computers Where the Test Will Be Run

On this page you select remote hosts on which you want to run the selected test.

Network Suite Wizard - Specify Credentials for Logging in on the Slave Computers

On this page you specify credentials for the selected hosts.

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