Undoing and Redoing Changes

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

TestComplete keeps track of the changes you made to your script in the Code Editor and lets you undo and redo these changes. For instance, you can easily restore any removed text. The Editor has an unlimited undo buffer, so you can undo any number of changes.

To undo the latest change, select Undo from the Edit toolbar. If you press this button again, the Editor will undo the change that precedes the latest change, etc. The Redo button does the opposite of Undo. It redoes the changes you have undone.

You can also undo or redo changes using the keyboard shortcuts that are defined by your key mapping scheme (Default, Borland Classic or Visual Studio Emulation).

You can undo every single replacement you performed via the Replace dialog. Once the replacement is over, TestComplete displays the Search/Replace Results panel, which lists all of the replacements that were performed. To undo a replacement, right-click on it in the dialog and select Undo Replace from the context menu.

Note that when you edit a script unit, TestComplete automatically creates a backup copy of the unit file in the same folder. The copy has the original unit file name and the .bak extension. Using this copy you can restore the unit code as it was before editing.

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