Sorted Property

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 22, 2024

Specifies whether the component’s items are alphabetically sorted.


Read-Write Property Boolean
componentObj     One of the user forms components or objects listed in the Applies To section  

Applies To

The property applies to the following components and objects:

TcxComboBoxProperties, TcxListBox


The Sorted property affects the list of items displayed by the component:

  • For the TcxListBox component these are items displayed by the list box.
  • For the TcxComboBoxProperties object, these are items displayed in the drop-down list of the combo box.

The Sorted property specifies whether the items are sorted alphabetically. When this property is set to True, all component’s items are re-arranged in alphabetical order. When you add new items, they are inserted in the appropriate position in the list.

If Sorted is False, the items are not sorted. When you add new items, they are inserted into the specified position.

Note: Setting Sorted to False does not affect the previous order of items.

Property Value

True, if the component’s items are sorted; False otherwise.

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