Proportional Property

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

Specifies whether the component keeps the image’s aspect ratio when resizing the image.


Read-Write Property Boolean
componentObj     One of the user forms components or objects listed in the Applies To section  

Applies To

The property applies to the following component:



The Proportional property only has effect if the Stretch property is True. If Proportional is False, the TImage component resizes the image so that the image occupies the whole component area. At that, the component does not keep the image’s aspect ratio, so the image may become distorted. If Proportional is True, the component keeps the image’s aspect ratio during resizing, so it is possible that the image will not cover the whole component area.

Property Value

True, if the component keeps the image’s proportions; False otherwise.

See Also

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