PostPopupValueOnTab Property

Applies to TestComplete 15.52, last modified on June 06, 2023

Specifies whether a selected value is posted to the component’s edit field when a user closes the drop-down window by pressing Tab.


Read-Write Property Boolean
componentPropObj     One of the objects listed in the Applies To section  

Applies To

This property applies to the following objects:

TcxDateEditProperties, TcxMRUEditProperties


If the PostPopupValueOnTab property is True and a user presses Tab to close the drop-down window, the component will post the selected value to the edit field. If the property is False, pressing Tab will close the drop-down window and move the focus to another component on the form.

Property Value

A boolean value that specifies whether the component posts the value that is currently selected in the drop-down window to the component’s edit field when the user presses Tab.

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