Applies to TestComplete 14.40, last modified on May 21, 2020

Determines the way the date value can be entered and validated.


Read-Write Property String
componentPropObj     One of the objects listed in the Applies To section  

Applies To

The property applies to the following objects:



The InputKind property allows users to select which input and validation method the TcxDateEdit component will use. Namely, whether the SmartInput and Auto-completion features are supported.

The SmartInput feature allows a user to input textual values into the date editor. A list of accepted values is given below. These values will be converted to a valid date value. Moreover, a simple expression that consists of a textual value, plus or minus sign and an integer value are also allowed. Thus, users can add or subtract days from the date value and the resulting date will be calculated and set. For instance: entering today-2 in the component’s edit box will set the date value to the day before yesterday.

The Auto-completion feature automatically fills the entered text when the system recognizes the keyword.

Property Value

One of the following string values:

Value Description
ikStandard SmartInput is supported. Auto-completion is not supported. No validation.
ikMask SmartInput and Auto-completion are not supported. Validation by !99/99/00;1;_ mask.
ikRegExpr SmartInput and auto-completion are supported. Additionally, to SmartInput keywords, this input method recognizes short month names: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec. Validation using regular expressions.


The following textual values are accepted by the TcxDateEdit component when the SmartInput feature is enabled:

Value Description
“today” The current date.
“yesterday” Yesterday’s date.
“tomorrow” Tomorrow’s date.
“Sunday” The next Sunday date. *
“Monday” The next Monday date. *
“Tuesday” The next Tuesday date. *
“Wednesday” The next Wednesday date. *
“Thursday” The next Thursday date. *
“Friday” The next Friday date. *
“Saturday” The next Saturday date. *
“first” The first day of the current week.
“second” The second day of the current week.
“third” The third day of the current week.
“fourth” The fourth day of the current week.
“fifth” The fifth day of the current week.
“sixth” The sixth day of the current week.
“seventh” The seventh day of the current week.
“bom” Beginning of month - The first day of the current month.
“eom” End of month - The last day of the current month.
“now” The current date including the current time.

* If the current date is the desired day of the week the component displays the current date.

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