Applies to TestComplete 15.51, last modified on May 31, 2023

Specifies the bit format of a bitmap.


Read-Write Property Integer
TBitmapObj     A TBitmap object  


Use the TransparentColor property to get or set the color that is treated as transparent when drawing a specific bitmap image.

If the TransparentMode property is “tmAuto”, the TransparentColor property returns the color of the bitmap’s lower left pixel. Otherwise, if TransparentMode is “tmFixed”, TransparentColor returns the explicitly specified color used as transparent in the given bitmap.

Property Value

An integer value that denotes the bitmap’s transparent color.

For a list of predefined color constants and instructions on how to calculate custom color values, see the Working With Colors topic.


Setting the TransparentColor property automatically sets the TransparentMode property to “tmFixed”. To undo changes made to the TransparentColor property, set TransparentMode to “tmAuto”.

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