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Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The Edit menu provides standard edit commands that let you undo or revert an action, cut, copy, paste and delete information to and from the current project item. The available commands are:

Command Description Shortcut
 Undo Undoes the last operation. Ctrl+Z
 Redo Reverts a cancelled operation. Ctrl+Y
 Cut Cuts the text that you have highlighted and moves it to the clipboard. Ctrl+X
 Copy Copies the text that you have highlighted to the clipboard. Ctrl+C
 Paste Pastes the text from the clipboard to the current cursor location. Ctrl+V
 Delete Deletes the text or project item that you have selected. Del
Select All Selects the whole the text of the current item. Ctrl+A
Find Opens the standard Find dialog. Ctrl+F
Replace Opens the standard Replace dialog. Ctrl+H
 Go to Line Number Jumps to the specified line in the currently active source window. If the active window is not a source window, this command is disabled. Ctrl+G

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