SlApplication Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024


The SlApplication program object is a wrapper to a Silverlight application’s main class that encapsulates application-specific functionality and inherits from the System.Windows.Application class. SlApplication contains the same properties and methods as the application’s class does, as well as a number of specific properties provided by TestComplete (see below). Using the object’s SlClasses property, you can get access to namespaces and classes defined within these namespaces in the assemblies included in the Silverlight application package (the .xap file). You can access static non-visual objects, their public members and even create the application’s class instances directly from your script code by calling constructors of the needed classes.

The SlApplication object is added by TestComplete as a child to the tested object that corresponds to the entire Silverlight application under test. You can find this object in the object tree displayed in the Object Browser panel. For more information about support for Silverlight applications in TestComplete, see Testing Silverlight Applications.


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