Log Object Methods

Applies to TestComplete 15.52, last modified on June 06, 2023

The Log object contains the following methods:

Method List

Name Description
AppendFolder Creates a folder in the test log and activates the folder so that all posted messages are sent to this folder.
Checkpoint Posts a checkpoint message to the test log.
CreateFolder Creates a folder in the test log. This folder can hold messages of different types and subfolders.
CreateIssueFromCurrentLog Posts the log contents to an issue-tracking system.
CreateNewAttributes Creates a new object that defines font and color settings to be applied to test log messages and folders.
CreatePictureConfiguration Creates a new object that will specify the format settings for images posted to the test log.
Error Posts an error to the test log.
Event Posts an event to the test log.
File Posts a file to the test log.
FolderCount Returns the number of folders created in the log by the current test item.
Link Posts a reference to a file or to any other resource to the test log.
LockEvents Turns off event logging until UnlockEvents is called. The optional Count parameter sets the number of latest events to keep in a safety buffer. They will be added to the log when posting an error or warning message.
Message Posts an informative message to the test log.
Picture Posts an image to the test log.
PopLogFolder Pops the folder, which is currently at the top of the folder stack, out of the stack. This makes the folder that will be at the top of the stack the default folder of the test log.
PushLogFolder Pushes the specified folder to the top of the folder stack. As a result, by default, messages of different kinds will be posted to this folder and new folders will be created there.
SaveResultsAs Saves the current test log results to one or several files in a particular format.
SaveToDisk Generates intermediate test results and saves them to the log item collection.
SetDefaultPictureConfiguration Specifies the format settings for images posted to the test log.
UnlockEvents Re-enables event logging.
Warning Posts a warning to the test log.

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