TestedAppProfileParams Object Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

The TestedAppProfileParams object contains the following properties:

Property List

Name Description
AQtimeVersion Specifies the AQtime version to be used for the run.
ForceRunMode Specifies whether TestComplete will set AQtime’s run mode when profiling starts or when profiling is over.
Name Returns the name of the run mode that corresponds to the parameters.
OverrideProfiler Specifies whether TestComplete will use the AQtime profiler specified by run-mode parameters rather than the profiler specified by an AQtime project.
ProfilerName Specifies the name of the profiler to be run.
ProjectFileName Specifies the fully-qualified name of the AQtime project to be used for the run.
RunMode Specifies the run mode for AQtime.
UseProject Specifies whether TestComplete will use an AQtime project to run the tested application.

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