NetworkSuite Object Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.55, last modified on September 12, 2023
The Network Suite functionality is deprecated. We don’t recommend using it for distributed testing. Consider using a CI/CD system for managing distributed tests. See Migrating Distributed Tests to CI/CD Systems for details. In case you need to run web tests on multiple environments in parallel, you can also try using your project’s Execution Plan.

The NetworkSuite object contains the following properties:

Property List

Name Description
Address Returns the IP address of the computer on which the current project is running.
DeployMode Specifies the deploy mode used to copy slave projects to remote computers.
Hosts Returns the collection of hosts defined in the current project's network suite.
Jobs Returns the collection of jobs defined in the current project's network suite.
ProjectType Returns the type of the network suite in the current project (master or slave).
SharedPath Specifies the path to a local folder on the master computer that will become a shared folder.
State Returns the state of the network suite defined in the current project.
SynchPoints Returns the SynchPoints object that provides access to the collection of synchronization points defined in the current project.
Tag Returns the string associated with the task that ran the current slave project.
Variables Returns the collection of network suite variables defined in the current or master project.

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