TestCompleteApplication Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.49, last modified on March 17, 2023


The TestCompleteApplication object has properties and methods that you can use to control TestComplete via COM. To work with the 64-bit version of TestComplete, use the TestCompleteX64Application object, which is a complete analog of the TestCompleteApplication object. To learn how to get the object, see Working With TestComplete via COM - Overview.


The TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication and TestComplete.TestCompleteX64Application objects have the following methods and properties:

Property or Method Description
Quit Method. Use it to exit TestComplete.
Manager Property. Returns a reference to the IaqBaseManager object that provides access to internal TestComplete interfaces. These are the same interfaces that different components of TestComplete use to connect and work with each other.
Integration Property. Returns a reference to the ItcIntegration object. It provides access to a subset of higher-level functions specifically engineered to let users perform most typical actions over TestComplete with ease.
Visible Property. Specifies whether the TestComplete window is hidden or visible. When you launch TestComplete via COM, TestComplete window is hidden. To make it visible, assign True to the Visible property.

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Working With TestComplete via COM - Overview

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