ProjectTests_COMAccess Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.49, last modified on March 17, 2023


The ProjectTests_COMAccess object provides a program interface for a project’s or a project suite’s test items collection. It contains properties that let you work with individual test items. To obtain the ProjectTests_COMAccess object, connect to TestComplete via COM and use the TestSuite property of the TestComplete Integration object or the Project property of the ProjectSuiteTestItem_COMAccess object. For more information, see Working With TestComplete via COM - Overview.



The following example demonstrates how you can obtain the ProjectTests_COMAccess object.

Visual Basic

Dim TestCompleteApp As TestCompleteApplication
Dim IntegrationObject As ItcIntegration
Dim LastResult As ItcIntegrationResultDescription

' Creates the application object
Set TestCompleteApp = CreateObject("TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication.15")

' Obtains the integration object
Set IntegrationObject = TestCompleteApp.Integration

' Opens the project suite
IntegrationObject.OpenProjectSuiteEx "C:\Work Folder\TestSuite\TestSuite.pjs"

' To obtain the ProjectTests_COMAccess object
' That provides a program interface to the project’s test item collection
' Use the following code

Set ProjectItems = IntegrationObject.TestSuite("TestProject")

' or

Set ProjectItems = IntegrationObject.TestSuite("").TestItem(0).Project


const string TCProgID = "TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication.15";
object TestCompleteObject = null;

// Obtains access to TestComplete
  TestCompleteObject = Marshal.GetActiveObject(TCProgID);
    TestCompleteObject = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID(TCProgID));

// Obtains ITestCompleteCOMManager
TestComplete.ITestCompleteCOMManager TestCompleteManager = (TestComplete.ITestCompleteCOMManager) TestCompleteObject;
// Obtains the Integration object
TestComplete.ItcIntegration IntegrationObject = TestCompleteManager.Integration;

// Loads the project suite
IntegrationObject.OpenProjectSuiteEx("C:\\Work Folder\\TestSuite\\TestSuite.pjs");

// To obtain the ProjectTests_COMAccess object providing a program interface to the project’s test item collection
// Use the following code:

object ObjProjectItems = IntegrationObject.get_TestSuite("TestProject");
TestComplete.ItcProjectTests_COMAccess ProjectItems = (TestComplete.ItcProjectTests_COMAccess)ObjProjectItems;

  // or

object PSTestItem = IntegrationObject.get_TestSuite("");
TestComplete.ItcProjectSuiteTests_COMAccess NewPSTestItems = (TestComplete.ItcProjectSuiteTests_COMAccess)PSTestItem;
TestComplete.ItcProjectTests_COMAccess ProjectItems = NewPSTestItems.get_TestItem(0).Project;

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