Utilities.FindNext Method

Applies to TestComplete 15.10, last modified on December 01, 2021
This method is obsolete. See the Remarks section below.


The Utilities.FindNext method continues the search initiated by a preceding call to FindFirst. Using the FindFirst and FindNext routines, you can iterate through all the files that are located at the same path and that match the same search criteria.



F [in]    Required    A TSearchRec object    
Result Integer

Applies To

The method is applied to the following object:


The method has the following parameter:


The F parameter specifies the TSearchRec object that was returned by the FindFirst function.

Note: Before using the TSearchRec object in the FindFirst and FindNext functions, you should create this object by calling the Utilities.TSearchRec method.

Result Value

If the search is successful, FindNext returns 0. Otherwise, it returns a Windows error code.


This method is obsolete. It is supported for backward compatibility only. To search for files, use the aqFileSystem.FindFiles method.

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