BuiltIn.GetCSVCount Method

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024
This method is obsolete. See the Remarks section below.


This routine is used along with BuiltIn.GetCSVItem to parse CSV (comma separated values) files. Each string in this file contains values separated by commas. GetCSVCount returns the number of values in such a string.



List [in]    Required    String    
Result Integer

Applies To

The method is applied to the following object:


The method has the following parameter:


A string that holds comma-separated values whose number you want to count.

Result Value

An integer value that means the number of comma-separated values in the passed string.


This method is obsolete. It is supported for backward compatibility only. To get the number of items in a comma-separated list, assign "," to the aqString.ListSeparator property, and then use the aqString.GetListLength method.

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