AQtime Object Methods

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The AQtime object contains the following methods:

Method List

Name Description
Attach Attaches the AQtime debugging engine to a process running in the operating system.
ClearResults Clears the current profiling results.
Close Closes AQtime.
CreateProjectFromModule Creates a new AQtime project from the specified executable (exe, dll, ocx, etc.)
EnableProfiling Enables or disables profiling. The call to this method does the same as if you would check or uncheck the Enable\Disable Profiling item in AQtime.
ExportCurrentResults Exports the profiling results to a file.
GetProfilerName Returns the name of a profiler by profiler’s index in the profilers collection of AQtime.
GetProfilersCount Returns the total number of profilers in the profilers collection of AQtime.
GetResults Commands AQtime to generate profiling results. Calling this method has the same effect as if you were pressing the Get Results button in AQtime.
IsProfilingStarted Specifies whether AQtime is profiling an application.
OpenProject Loads the specified project in AQtime.
SaveProject Saves changes in the AQtime project.
SelectProfiler Selects a profiler specified by its name. The call to this method has the same effect as if you would select the profiler from the Profilers list in AQtime.
StartProfiling Starts profiling using the currently selected profiler and profiling conditions.
TerminateProfiling Terminates profiling and the application being profiled.
WaitAndExportResults Pauses the script execution until profiling is over and exports the profiling results to files.
WaitForEndOfProfiling Pauses the script execution until AQtime profiler run is over.

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