AQtimeIntegration.CurrentVersion Property

Applies to TestComplete 14.91, last modified on July 20, 2021


Use the CurrentVersion property to specify which major version of AQtime is installed on your computer and will be used for testing. The property can contain one of the following values:

Value Description
4 AQtime 4
5 AQtime 5
6 AQtime 6
7 AQtime 7
8 AQtime 8



Read-Write Property Integer

Applies To

The property is applied to the following object:

Property Value

An integer value that specifies the major version of AQtime to be used in testing.


If you specify an AQtime version, which is not installed on your computer, an error will occur.


To view an example, see the Integration With AQtime Using the AQtimeIntegration and AQtime Objects help topic.

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