aqFileInfo Object Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The aqFileInfo object contains the following properties:

Property List

Name Description
Attributes Returns the file’s attributes.
CertificateInfo Returns an aqFileCertificateInfo object that provides information about the file’s authentication certificate.
DateCreated Returns the file’s creation date.
DateLastAccessed Returns the date the file was last accessed.
DateLastModified Returns the date the file was last modified.
Drive Returns the drive where the file is located.
Exists Specifies whether the file exists.
Name Returns the file’s name and extension.
NameWithoutExtension Returns the file's name without the extension.
ParentFolder Returns the object that describes the file’s parent folder.
Path Returns the full path to the file.
ShortName Returns the file name in the 8.3 format.
ShortPath Returns the path to the file in the 8.3 format.
Size Returns the file size in bytes.
VersionInfo Returns an aqFileVersionInfo object that provides version information about the file.

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