Code Editor Options

Applies to TestComplete 15.0, last modified on October 22, 2021

The Code Editor includes a great supplement of options that customize the Editor’s appearance and behavior. To view or change the options, do any of the following:

  • Click the Call the Panel Options Dialog button on the Code Editor’s toolbar.

  • Right-click somewhere in the Editor and choose Panel Options from the context menu.

  • Select Tools | Options from the TestComplete main menu and then choose Panels | Code Editor on the left of the subsequent dialog.

The options are organized into the following groups:

  • General - Settings of this group define common functions of the Editor. See General Options.

  • Code Templates - Settings of this group let you define code template macros for the Editor. See Code Templates Options for more information.

  • Display - This group holds settings concerning how the Editor displays text (wordwrap, right border, etc.) See Display Options.

  • Editing - This group holds settings concerning how the Editor formats text (indent, etc.) See Editing Options.

  • Highlighting - This group holds settings for syntax highlighting. See Highlighting Settings for more information.

  • User Keywords - Settings of this group let you define words, for which the Editor will use special highlighting style. For instance, you can make the Editor highlight the Process and Window words with red (contrary to other method names). See User Keywords Options.

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