Exporting and Importing Custom User Settings

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

TestComplete has many options and settings that can be customized by users. However, when TestComplete is reinstalled all customized settings are reset to defaults. Furthermore, some user-specific data like name mapping templates or syntax highlighting schemes are lost during the re-installation. To prevent this, you need to export settings to an external file before uninstalling TestComplete, and import the settings in the new version.

Another way to export is to port the custom settings scheme from one machine to another.

To export settings

  • Select Tools | Settings | Export Settings from the main menu of TestComplete. This will call the Export Settings dialog.

  • In the dialog, select the settings that you want to export in the Available Settings tree.

  • Specify the path to the file that will contain the exported settings in the Settings file name edit box or press the ellipses button to select it in the Save File dialog.

  • Click the Export button to write the chosen settings to a specified file.

To import settings

  • Select Tools | Settings | Import Settings from the main menu of TestComplete. This will call the Import Settings dialog.

  • In the dialog, press the Browse button and select the exported settings file in the Open File dialog.

  • The list of available settings will be displayed in the table on the right side of the dialog. In this list, enable the checkboxes for the settings that you want to import.

  • Click Import to copy the customized settings to the current version of TestComplete.

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