Unit Testing Options Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

In the Unit Testing Options dialog, you specify the paths to the executables that will run unit and Selenium tests in your project.

To open the dialog, select Tools | Options from the TestComplete main menu and then select Engines | Unit Testing in the tree on the left side of the Options dialog.

You can set the following paths:

  • Path to MSTest - The path to the MSTest executable (MSTest.exe) that will run MSTest unit tests.

  • Path to Java VM - The path to the Java Virtual Machine executable (java.exe) that will run JTest and TestNG tests.

  • Path to NUnit - The path to the NUnit executable (nunit-console.exe) that will run NUnit tests.

  • Path to PHPUnit runner - The path to the PHPUnit.cmd batch file.

  • Path to Python - The path to the Python executable (python.exe) that will run PyUnit tests.

  • Path to Ruby - The path to the Ruby executable (ruby.exe) that will run Ruby unit tests.

Note: If the path to the needed executable is not specified, TestComplete will use the path stored by the PATH environment variable.

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