DelphiScript - Data Types

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The TestComplete script interpreter is based on OLE objects. Thus, all its scripting languages, including DelphiScript, only use OLE-compatible types. Also, they do not support pointers. In DelphiScript all variables are of the OleVariant type. Typecasting is ignored. In variable and array declarations, types are ignored too and they can be skipped. For instance, each of the following declarations is correct:


var i : Integer;

var j : MyCharacter;

var cx, cy;

var Nums : array [1..10];

The same rules apply to parameter types in procedure or function declarations: They are ignored and can be skipped. For example, the following code is correct:


function TestPrinting (AStartPage, AEndPage) : Boolean;




Since DelphiScript does not support pointers, the ^ and @ operators have no effect. If TestComplete meets them while executing script, it posts an error message to the test log. User-defined types, records and classes are also not supported.

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