OnStartTest Event

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 23, 2024

Occurs when TestComplete starts a test run.


OnStartTest(Sender) Parameters
Sender [in] Required Variant


The OnStartTest event occurs when TestComplete starts a test run, namely --

  • When you run any test in your project. For example, the event fires when you run a keyword test or script routine by selecting Run from TestComplete toolbars or menus, or by passing command-line parameters to TestComplete.
  • When a project test item starts running (regardless of whether you run individual test items or the entire project). If the tests are organized into batches, the event will be fired for each test item.

You can create an OnStartTest event handler to perform desired actions after the test starts, for example, to set initial conditions for the test.


The event has the following parameter:


The Event control that processes the event.


For information on how to create an event handler for this and other TestComplete events, see Handling Events.

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