Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

About Zephyr and Zephyr Squad

Zephyr is a test management solution. It allows improving the quality of your products by creating and managing test cases and monitoring your testing process.

Zephyr Squad (formerly known as Zephyr for Jira) enables you to manage your testing efforts directly from Jira: you can create Test items in your Jira project, link them to other Jira items, group tests in cycles, assign them to release versions, and monitor the testing process.

You can learn more about Zephyr at:


Using Zephyr Squad With TestComplete

TestComplete integrates with Zephyr Squad and enables you to:

  • Assign your TestComplete tests as automations to your tests in Jira.

  • View your TestComplete test results in Jira and track your testing process across test cycles and release versions.

Try Zephyr Squad Free

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