Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

About LoadNinja

LoadNinja is a cloud-based load testing and performance testing platform for web applications. It helps developers, QA teams, and performance engineers check if their web servers are robust, scalable, and able to sustain a massive load.

To learn more about LoadNinja, visit its website:


Testing with LoadNinja

Use LoadNinja to create and run load tests directly in your browser:

  1. Record web tests

    Each LoadNinja web test is an application usage scenario: for example, placing an order or performing a search in a product catalog. Record such scenarios as if you are working with your website as usual, and let the virtual users reproduce it to learn about defects or errors.

  2. Create load testing scenarios

    Combine your web tests into an all-round scenario: specify the needed number of virtual users, select preferred ramp-up and load parameters, and set up other properties.

  3. Run load tests

    LoadNinja runs load tests in a cloud, providing cloud machines automatically for the duration of the test. Each virtual user uses a real browser to replay test actions, so they interact with your web application exactly as real users do – including think times and client-side scripts.

  4. Analyze the results

    After the test run’s end, LoadNinja generates a report containing performance metrics collected during the test run, enabling you to estimate your server performance and see if it meets the SLA.

Try LoadNinja for free

If you are interested in trying LoadNinja, sign up for a free trial on our website:


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