Specifying License Manager for Connection

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

This page refers to key-based licenses — a legacy license type used in TestComplete until version 15.48. For information on the current, ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

If you have several Floating User licenses, you may need to specify to which License Manager TestComplete instances will connect. For example, you may want some testers to work with the Web features and others to use Mobile.

When starting, TestComplete searches for an activated License Manager in the local network. However, by default the search order is not specified. So, TestComplete may connect to the License Manager, which you do not want it to connect to. To solve this problem, you should specify the License Manager for connection.

You specify the License Manager on the computer, on which TestComplete will run.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the computer, on which TestComplete will run.

  2. Close TestComplete.

  3. Open the Sentinel Admin Control Center. To do this, open the URL http://localhost:1947 in a web browser (see Controlling License Manager for more information).

  4. In the Admin Control Center, click Configuration in the left-side menu. This will open the Configuration pages.

  5. Navigate to the Access to Remote License Managers tabbed page.

  6. Clear the Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses check box.

  7. In the Remote License Search Parameters box enter the search criteria for the License Manager PC. You can use any of the following:

    • Computer name (for instance, MyLicenseServer).
    • IP address (for instance,
    • Broadcast IP address (for example, In this case, the service will search for the License Manager PC among the computers whose IP address matches the search string.

    We recommend using computer names where possible. This way you will not have to change the settings if you use dynamic IP addresses in your network.

  8. Click Submit to apply the changes.

  9. Verify that the desired License Manager PC will be used for the connection. To do this, click Sentinel Keys and make sure that the desired License Manager PC is successfully added, and that it appeared on this page.

Now TestComplete will connect to the License Manager PC, you specified in the search parameters.

You can also specify multiple search criteria. To do this, simply enter the desired computer names or IP addresses into the Remote License Search Parameters box. Each search expression must be on a separate line.

Note: One of the reasons why you need to specify a License Manager for the connection is that there may be several License Managers in your network. If so, modifying access permissions on the License Manager PC may be easier than doing this on each TestComplete workstation. See Specifying Users Who May Connect to License Manager for details.

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