Message - 'The license subsystem has detected a significant time change on your machine...'

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

This page refers to SmartBear ID-based licenses that we introduced from TestComplete 15.48 onwards.
For information on legacy key-based licenses, which are no longer being actively supported, see Key-Based Licenses.


The licensing subsystem detects changes made to the system time to prevent license misuse. This message indicates that —

  • Your computer doesn’t have a connection to the SmartBear licensing servers (the connection can be lost, for example, because of the network malfunction).

    – and –

  • The time or both date and time on your computer have changed significantly.


To continue using the product, please make sure your computer can connect to the SmartBear licensing servers. Ask your network administrators for assistance, if it is needed to fix the network malfunction.


If the time change is part of your test plan, we recommend that you keep your computer connected to the Web and the licensing servers. Otherwise, the licensing subsystem can treat changes to the date and time as license misuse attempts.

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