Applies to TestComplete 14.20, last modified on September 11, 2019

To simplify license management, you may want to activate several TestComplete licenses on one License Manager PC. The License Manager can either allow or disallow doing this, depending on the type of the existing and new licenses. If license data can be merged, the License Manager permits the activation and merges the data of the new and existing licenses automatically. If the license data cannot be merged, the License Manager refuses to activate the new license. This topic describes the specifics of activation of multiple TestComplete licenses on one computer.

Licenses that cannot be activated if another license is already active

The License Manager does not allow activation of license keys whose data coincides with the data of the existing licenses and can overwrite it:

  • A Node-Locked license cannot be activated if a Floating User license is active and vice versa (Node-Locked and Floating User are different license types that cannot be combined).

  • A Node-Locked license cannot be activated if another Node-Locked license that controls the same set of components is active (Platform, the Desktop, Web, and Mobile modules, and the Intelligent Quality add-on). Activating such a license overwrites the existing data.

    Exception: If you try to activate a license key for any TestComplete module (Desktop, Web, Mobile) or for the Intelligent Quality add-on, and the key has not been activated yet, the activation will be permitted. The resulting license will include a combination of the old and new licenses.
  • A trial license cannot be activated if a commercial license is active.

Licenses that can be activated when another license is active

If the License Manager detects that the new license data can be merged with the existing license data, it allows activating the new license.

Typically, the following licenses can be merged:

  • A Floating User license with another Floating User license.

  • Node-Locked licenses that have different sets of features.

  • A commercial license with a trial license, if the latter is already active.

Although the licenses are merged on the License Manager PC, they are listed in your SmartBear account as individual licenses. If you need to unmerge and move any of the activated licenses to another machine, you need to deactivate  all the license keys and then activate them once again on the needed computers.
Note: If you activate a license that has a different set of features than the license that is already activated on the computer, enable the new features manually on your TestComplete workstations. To do this, in TestComplete, open the File | Install Extensions dialog and enable the needed plugins.

Activating TestExecute licenses

TestComplete and TestExecute are different products, so their commercial licenses can be activated on the same PC. That is, you can use one computer (server) to manage different licenses.

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