Push Indicator Text Operation

Applies to TestComplete 15.52, last modified on June 06, 2023


Use the Push Indicator Text operation to specify text to be displayed by the TestComplete indicator. The previous text is not deleted. It is saved to an internal storage and can be restored later by using the Pop Indicator Text operation or the Indicator.PopText method.

Operation Result

The operation does not return any value.

Scripting Analogue

The operation performs the same action as the Indicator.PushText scripting method.

Child Operations

The operation cannot have child operations.

Operation Parameters

The operation parameters are organized into the following pages:

Specify Indicator Text

This page contains one parameter that specifies text to be displayed by the indicator.

Operation Parameters

This page contains the same parameter that you specified on the Specify Indicator Text page. However, it lets you use a variable, test parameter, code expression or [Last Operation Result] value to specify the parameter value.


Specifies the text to be displayed by the indicator (this is the same value that you specified on the Specify Indicator Text page).

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