Features Added to TestComplete 15.30

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 15.30. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

In version 15.30

Sharing test results (Beta)

Sharing test results is quite a common task. In earlier TestComplete versions, you could do this by exporting test results to a file (or a set of files) and sending them to your teammates or managers. To view the exported results, they had to have TestComplete installed, or they could open the resulting file in Internet Explorer.

TestComplete version 15.30 offers an improved approach. You can upload test results directly from the TestComplete UI to our online storage and then share the link to the uploaded results with your teammates. They can view the results directly in their browsers:

Viewing shared test log in a web browser

Click the image to enlarge it.

To view the shared results, TestComplete is not required.

The new functionality is in Beta so far. Please see how it works for you and give us your feedback. We’ll keep working on the functionality and improving it.

Note: Currently, you can use our storage for free. However, there is a limit on the test result size and on the storing time. This may change in the future.

For complete information on the feature and its constraints, see Sharing Test Results.

Mobile testing improvements

  • Performance enhancements. We've significantly improved the performance of Appium-based mobile tests running in the BitBar mobile device cloud. Now, you can record mobile tests and play them back much faster and more efficiently.

  • Support for iOS 15.2. If your mobile tests rely on the legacy approach to mobile testing, you can now create and run automated tests on this iOS version.

Web testing improvements

Support for the latest browser versions. You can create, record, and run automated web tests in the following browsers:

  • Chrome 97
  • Edge Chromium 97
  • Firefox 96

Other improvements

We’ve fixed several issues reported by our customers.

Discontinued support

TestComplete no longer supports Firefox versions 78 ESR, 92, and 93.

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