Features Added to AQtest 1.5

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

This topic describes new features that were added to AQtest 1.5. For information about changes made to other versions, see Version History.

Platform Support

  • AQtest 1.5 now supports Windows ME, in addition to Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT 4.0 (SP 3 or later).

Scripting Support

  • Automatic Compare code. When you save a collection of object properties during recording, AQtest now creates the code needed to capture the same collection during playback and compare it to what you have just saved. This code is immediately displayed in the Add Text To Script dialog and you can insert it at the correct point in your script by pressing the Add button. When not recording, if you save a property collection, a similar dialog, Copy Text To Clipboard, will display the same compare-code block and let you save it to the Clipboard, which you can later paste into the proper spot in a script, using the Editor. Exactly the same automatic compare-code generation applies to images when you save them, during recording.
  • Scrollbars are supported during recording and playback via the new ScrollBar Object.
  • The new DbgServices object lets you record Windows dbg events to the Log while an application is running. These events include process and thread creation and destruction, dll loads and releases, and exceptions with their call stack.
  • The new SendMAPIMail function from the Utilities plugin makes sending e-mail messages from scripts simple.
  • The new function GetCOMServerPath returns the path to the COM server by its program ID or class ID.
  • The contents of the current node in a treeview can be read as a string thanks to the new wSelection property of the Win32TreeView object.
  • The image format options for saving images to the Log (Options | Panel Options | Test Log | Images) are now included in the Options object as the Log property group.
  • All Stores objects (Files, Objects and Regions) support new methods.
  • The VarToBool function converts a Variant value to a Boolean Variant. It can help when testing Open Applications since AQtest recognizes Boolean values as integers.

AQtest Services

  • AQtest project files are now divided into three files to facilitate testing by several testers on the same project. <Project>.mds stores settings that define the project (script language, tested applications, main unit and main procedure, etc.). <Project>.cfg, holds tester-related settings (Log file location, cursor position in the Editor, breakpoints, etc.). <Project.net> stores the path to each tester's .cfg file. Testers can work on the project in standard mode (the old way), using the .cfg file stored along with the .mds file, or they can work in shared mode, each using their own .cfg file, but sharing the .mds file. This new system is entirely backward-compatible, of course. However, results are stored somewhat differently. Version 1.5 results cannot be read by previous versions of AQtest.
  • The User Interface Options dialog allows you to apply different view styles and schemes to AQtest dialogs and panels.
  • The PERegister utility now supports Borland Delphi 6.0.
  • OLE-server objects are now accessible from the Object Browser. This was done by adding the Sys.OleObject indexed property. Sys is the process name of the System process, and OleObject now figures in its Properties page. Clicking the Params button for this property allows you to specify any OLE object and get to its properties and methods. (The appropriate server will be launched if it wasn’t already.)
  • New options:
    • Correct Afx window classes tells AQtest to replace the variable portion of the class name of MFC windows with *.
    • Real-time mode. If this option is enabled, the recorder inserts into the script - as Sys.Delay() calls - the actual time spent between user actions.
    • Error dialog. If this is enabled, the Error dialog will be displayed on critical errors.
    • Ignore overlapping window allows AQtest to ignore overlapping windows when playing back user actions such as mouse clicks and drags.
  • NotOpenApp, when specified on the command line for an Open Application will cause it to launch in non-Open state, like any ordinary Windows application.
  • For Open Applications compiled in Delphi and C++Builder AQtest can display parameter names in the Object Browser panel.
  • Object Browser supports shortcuts for buttons.
  • AQtest.exe now has exit codes to allow branching according to results when ran from a batch file.
  • The Test Log context menu has gained two new items:
    • Copy Selection - Copies selected records to the Clipboard.
    • Copy Active Cell - Copies to the Clipboard the contents of the cell that currently has the focus.
  • All pages of the Stores panel have new columns: File Name, Name, Date and Size.

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