Features Added to AQtest 1.01

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This topic describes new features that were added to AQtest 1.01. For information about changes made to other versions, see Version History.

AQtest Services

  • Command line arguments now allow a script to be run automatically upon launching AQtest, and AQtest either to close afterwards or to remain open.
  • The Tested Applications list can hold .bat files as well as .exe files. This allows you to use a batch file as a sub-list, or to load the correct environment before launching an application. The Tested Applications dialog is also changed.
  • A new Shortcut allows capturing the image of the mouse pointer during recording.
  • A new Auto Width option for Test Log panels allows all columns to be squeezed into view.
  • The Integration Menu now offers five, instead of two, AQtime profilers.

Interface to Win32 standard controls

Win32 controls are supported by a standard plugin extension. The extension has been improved with support for properties and methods previously unsupported:

  • ListView - wSelectedItems.
  • Tab Control - wTabCount, wFocusedTab and wTextTab
  • Toolbar - wButtonCount, wPosButton, wIDButton, wTextButton, wIsCheckButton, wIsDropDownButton, wIsSeparatorButton, wChecked and ClickXY. Also, the various Click methods now have parameters for the state of the shift keys (Shift, Ctrl and Alt)
  • TrackBar - This object is entirely new, and has four properties: wPosition, wMin, wMax and wNumTics.

Program objects

Program objects interface with the AQtest engine rather than with application or Windows objects. They are the converse of Tested Objects. Several program objects have been added, the Log object has gained new properties and Regions object methods have gained new parameters --

  • The TestedApps object holds the list of tested applications, in all detail. Applications can be removed or added, and each application item can in turn be retrieved, modified, launched, suspended, etc., through the TestedApp (no "s") object. The Editor's Code Completion window provides handy access to all the properties of these new objects.
  • The Options object holds every single property that can affect the way the AQtest engine runs applications, including unexpected-window behavior. Thus, a script can watch over and control its own running conditions. The object also has one pre-run option, Options.Project.Directory.
  • The Log object has five new properties exposing the count of messages in each of the five different message categories -- ErrCount, WrnCount, MsgCount, EvnCount and ImgCount.
  • Regions.Compare and Regions.Find have two new parameters. Mouse allows the mouse pointer to be used as part of the image of an onscreen object. Transparent allows one color in one image to be treated as matching any color in the other image (in other words, "transparent"-color pixels in the first image are excluded from comparison).

Scripting support

  • Arrays in DelphiScript were already supported, but this was not documented previously.
  • 2-D and 3-D variant arrays have been made available in any scripting language through CreateVariantArray2 and CreateVariantArray3.

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