Bug Fixes in TestComplete 12.3

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 12.3.


  • Fixed: High memory usage when using shared script units.

  • Fixed: Incorrect display of changed values in XML comparison results.

  • Fixed: The Image compression level project property was stored incorrectly.

  • Fixed: When a user copied test items organized into groups, not all the subgroups were copied.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not save the settings in the Run-Mode Parameters section of the TestedApps editor.

  • Fixed: Tests could not be stopped while Extended Find was running.

  • Fixed: Sometimes TestComplete recorded objects of a multiprocess application incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Crash when redocking the Project Explorer window.

  • Fixed: A crash could occur when searching for text in the XML Checkpoint editor.

  • Fixed: A stack overflow error on closing TestComplete after running a large test.

  • Fixed: An out-of-memory exception when posting a defect to Bugzilla.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could stop responding when opening the Stores | Files editor.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not show any message about insufficient privileges when the Stores subfolder was read-only.

  • Fixed: Japanese characters were not displayed correctly in the Keyword Test editor.

  • Fixed: The tab focus changed after searching in the entire project suite.

  • Fixed: The TFS plugin could not parse the localized output of the TF.exe utility.

  • Fixed: When the Object Mapping settings of a shared project were modified by concurrent users, they were discarded to the default values.

  • Fixed: The image comparison mode was not persistent when switching between test item logs.

  • Fixed: Accented characters were passed to Jenkins incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete global scripting objects could become unavailable if the project used multiple DBTable variables linked to different sheets of the same Excel file.

  • Fixed: TestComplete and TestExecute could become unresponsive when running a JavaScript event handler for User Forms.

  • Improved error messages for errors that occur when posting bugs to JIRA.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not retry to scroll to an object on a web page if the object was not visible.

  • Fixed: Internet Explorer 11 could crash if Text Recognition was enabled in TestComplete.

  • Fixed: The Page object had no child elements in Internet Explorer 11 if the page had a form with containing an <input> named "action".

  • Fixed: Span elements with role="checkbox" were not visible in the object tree in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed: Property checkpoints that verified the wChecked property of web radio buttons against the True value returned an incorrect result (“True does not equal True”).

  • Fixed: TestComplete could become unresponsive when trying to recognize an Alert dialog in Chrome.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not recognize web objects in certain CEF 3.2704 applications.

  • Fixed: The wText and wSelectedItem properties did not work for the <select> elements with class="ComboBox".

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: After an iOS application was removed, the iOSApplicationManager object could return an incorrect number of installed applications.

  • Fixed: On some devices, all Xamarin.Forms controls had VisibleOnScreen=False and could not be recognized by the Object Spy.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not record object-based tests for some properly instrumented Android applications.

  • Fixed: For certain Android WebView controls, TestComplete could record a click twice.

  • Fixed: A swipe action was recorded incorrectly when it was performed through the Mobile Screen window.


  • Improved JavaScript performance when working with COM objects and TestComplete global objects (Log, aqFileSystem and others).

  • Python modules are imported faster now.

  • Fixed: A syntax error could occur in Python scripts when a dictionary literal with keys as variable names was used.

  • Fixed: A syntax error could occur in Python scripts when multiline conditions were used.

  • Fixed: A syntax error could occur in Python scripts when tuples were used without parentheses: t = 1, 2, 3

  • Fixed: A syntax error could occur in Python scripts when concatenating strings were used without the "+" operator: s = "hello" 'world'

  • Fixed: Code completion could erase the closing parenthesis.

  • Fixed: aqFileSystem.RenameFile did not allow % characters in the target file name.


  • Fixed: TestComplete could not set the date in the Serbian format for DevExpress DateEdit controls.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not record PageDown and PageUp strokes within text boxes, when the Record text input into simple editors as option was set to SetText.

  • Fixed: TestComplete was unable to detect SWT objects in applications having additional window event-looping.

Ready! API Integration

  • Fixed: A Ready! API floating license was not released when a Ready! API test playback was interrupted.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could stall in the playback state on attempts to start a Ready! API test, if a Ready! API license was not found.

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