Bug Fixes in TestComplete 12.2

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 12.2:

  • TestComplete failed to recognize certain control types correctly during recording, so TestComplete was unable to record test commands for these controls, or it recorded invalid mapping settings and failed to find the objects during the test run.

  • If the Log location property in a legacy project (or project suite) pointed to a mapped drive, then after converting this project (or project suite) to the TestComplete 12 format, the property changed its value to the default Log value.

  • A crash could occur if you closed TestComplete when the Name Mapping editor was performing some action.

  • The script debugger highlighted the entire function body when you were hovering the mouse cursor at the end of some line in this function.

  • The Find All dialog displayed incorrect results if some code parts and function bodies were hidden (collapsed).

  • TestComplete could hang upon executing a user-form event handler.

  • A Property checkpoint created from a Test Visualizer frame ignored carriage return symbols (they were excluded from the baseline value).

  • The Property checkpoint wizard considered data of the .NET System.Decimal type “complex” and did not allow using them for checkpoints.

  • TestComplete could not launch a new Chrome instance if there was a background Chrome process running in the system.

  • TestComplete failed to simulate mouse clicks on web pages in Firefox when the body element had the height property set to 0.

  • An exception occurred when you were instrumenting an “Instant Run” Android package in TestComplete.

  • TestComplete could fail to recognize objects in certain Xamarin Android applications.

  • In certain cases, an iOS application could crash when you were exploring it in the Object Browser.

  • TestComplete logged an incorrect error message when you tried to deploy an iOS application to an unsupported iOS version.

  • In certain cases, an exception occurred if a test script deleted a job at the end of a distributed test run.

  • TestComplete displayed an incorrect error message when the user tried to verify a host where the base path was read-only for that user.

  • An exception occurred when you passed NaN to the aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr function.

  • TestComplete did not pass the CommandLineParameters property of the tested application profile to the tested application’s command line upon starting the tested application.

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